Traditional Arts and Crafts

Many traditional arts and crafts continue to play an important role in maintaining the traditions of the city. The best way to arrange a visit to a craftsman's workshop is through the offices of the Okazaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mikawa Butsudan (Buddhist family altars)
Buddhist altars involve the fine art of wood sculpture.
"Mikawa Butsudan Promotion Cooperative":
Akebono-cho 2-1, Tel: 24-7766, Fax: 24-7766

Stone masons
Okazaki is said to be the capital of Japan's stone craft.
Okazaki Stone Products Cooperatives Association
Mikage-cho 5, Tel: 22-0455 Fax: 25-2451

Arrows (top)
About 30% of the arrows sold in Japan are made in Okazaki. The arrows are made for decoration as well as for archery.

Mikawa cotton
Okazaki has long been famous for the quality of its cotton.

Fire works
Fireworks became a major industry in Okazaki, and the fireworks festival on the first Saturday in August is as much a trade show as a festival. While fireworks displays are popular throughout Japan, the designs originate largely in Okazaki.

The craft of making Japanese style candles was established in Okazaki about 500 years ago. The craft continues to flourish in Okazaki because there are many temples. Nice local souvenir!