Okazaki Castle

Okazaki Castle is the symbol of the city, and for many years played a central role in the town's life. These days it is the centrepiece of Okazaki Park, a massively popular spot for hanami parties under the cherry blossoms and the wisteria flowers each spring, and the focus of the Ieyasu Gyoretsu parade in April, the famous Okazaki Fireworks festival each August, and the Autumn Civic Festival. The castle donjon is illuminated each night, and Okazaki simply wouldn't be the same without the pride the citizens take in the history of their castletown.
The grounds of the castle are extensive. It includes Okazaki's Noh Theater (the oldest municipal Noh theater in Japan), a beautiful tea house (Kishoan), a shrine, and a beautiful park, especially when the cherry blossoms (late March/early April) and wisteria (late April/early May).