Chuo Sogo Koen
At just over 200 hectares (around 500 acres), this new park has a lot of room to breathe in. The park increasingly serves as a cultural, athletic and recreational complex - with everything from the wonderful Mindscape Museum (Arts) to the Baseball stadium. The park is divided into 4 (connected) zones.

The sports zone includes the city baseball stadium, a massive gymnasium, an impressive tennis complex, Kyudo and Archery ranges, sumo ring, and multi-purpose playing fields that can host soccer/football, rugby and other sports.

Culture (top)
The culture zone features the beautifully designed Mindscape Museum and its gardens. The Museum itself has a permanent collection and often hosts important exhibitions, both of Japanese arts and collections brought to Japan. It opened in July 1996.

Connecting the zones are facilities for families (or anyone basically) such as barbecues. There is plenty of space for picnics, games (organized or spontaneous), and a bit of privacy.

From the Mindscape Museum cross the pontoon bridge over the pond and you can begin walking a nature trail. The area close to the museum is somewhat manicured, but if you go further up the hill it develops into a nice hiking trail with quite a few options. The hilltops offer some good views if the weather is nice.