Accidents and Medical Emergencies

Though Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, crime, fires, and medical emergencies do occur. GPS navigation systems are making it easier to guide emergency services (using the telephone number of the caller as the reference), but if you call from a cellphone its strongly suggested that you give landmarks to guide the emergency vehicles and then to go outside when the sirens approach.

The emergency number for the police is #110
(For Okazaki Police Station, call 0564-58-0110).
For an ambulance or fire brigade dial #119.

If your Japanese is insufficient, as a backup you can call the Japan Helpline (a 24x7 tollfree service) on 0120-461-997.
If it is not an emergency, but you need assistance in English, you can call the Aichi Prefecture First-Aid Medical Information Service.
During the day (9am to 6pm) call 052-264-1155. At night (6pm to 9am) call 052-263-1145.