Hozoji Temple

This temple is said to have been founded in 701 by a priest named Gyoki. Located east of central Okazaki near Motojuku station, the temple is close to the old highway route that linked the imperial capitals of Nara and then Kyoto with Okazaki and the east of Japan. The current main hall dates from the 14th century.

Young Tokugawa Ieyasu was educated here and many of the cultural properties here are related to this time. Due to the patronage of the shogunate, the temple prospered and the wooden buildings were well maintained. An unusual feature is a burial mound and statue commemorating Kondo Isami, one of the leaders of the Shinsengumi during the bakumatsu period which saw the shogunate fall from power in 1868.

How to get there:
By public transportation: Take the Meitetsu Line from Okazaki to Motojuku, get out to the right side. Cross the street and look for the Coco convenience store. Turn left at the store and walk down that road. The temple is located on the right side of the street. Walking from the train station to the temple will take you about 10 minutes.
By car: Follow route 1 from Okazaki to Toyohashi until Motojuku. Turn right when you come up to the Coco convenience store. Then follow the same instructions as for walking.