The nearest and most convenient airport to Okazaki is Nagoya International at Komaki just north of Nagoya City. From March 2005, the new airport built on a manmade island off the coast in Ise Bay will become the regional gateway.

To/From airport(s)
You can either use the airport bus that departs from JR Okazaki and Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki. The airport bus is clearly marked and the trip takes 70 minutes and costs 2000yen.

There are the JR Tokaido line, the Meitetsu Honsen, and the Aichi Kanjo Line. The trains are clean, frequent and easy to use for inter-city travel. The two major stations are the JR Okazaki station and the Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station.

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For those living in the south of the city, it is the most useful line for travelling to Nagoya or Toyohashi or connecting with the Shinkansen lines.

The Meitetsu Honsen passes through the middle of Okazaki and is the most useful line for those living in the center or north of the city. The Meitetsu bus center at Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station is the main hub for the bus network.

Aichi Kanjo
This smaller line connects Okazaki with Toyota and Seto in the north. Trains are less frequent, but it is the best way to get to locations such as the World Expo site in Seto.

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The two major bus services are operated by Meitetsu and JR, using the respective stations as hubs.

Japanese drive on the left side of the road. Driving in Japan is generally very safe and the majority of drivers are careful and courteous.
Driving in Japan can be quite expensive for a number of reasons. The price of gasoline is higher than the US and is on a par with prices in Europe. Major road signs are in English and Japanese.
Scooters are cheap to run, and often more convenient than a car. You can buy a second hand scooter cheaply (from 30,000-70,000 Yen) and if you already have an International Drivers License or a Japanese Driving License then you're ready to go. No special insurance is needed for a scooter up to 50cc.

Rules of the road
The speed limit in residential areas is 40kmh and on the expressways is 80kmh. A speeding ticket in Japan will normally result in a large fine (10-20,000 yen) or in a temporary loss of your license.
Drinking and driving in Japan is not tolerated and the drink-drive level is zero percent.
To drive a car in Japan you must be 18 years or over and for a moped/scooter or motorcycle it is 16.

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For most foreign residents of Okazaki, bicycles are the easiest and most common form of transport.

Taxi fares are a little expensive, but are extremely useful at times. The main taxi companies are:
Meitetsu 0564-51-1111
Okariku 0564-53-5411
Okajo 0564-21-0066
Kamome Kotsu 0564-25-1234
Suzuei Taxi 0564-24-2611
Ohwa Kotsu 0564-24-2611