World Children's Art Museum
One of the most interesting museums in Okazaki is the World Children's Art Museum.

Opened in 1985, it is not only the only place you can see a Picasso in town, but a full museum specializing in children's art. Apart from the collection and regular exhibitions, the museum is designed to offer children opportunities to create.

The museum has three major zones:

Think - representing the great footpaths and infinite creativity of mankind.

See - children's paintings collected from the world and famous artists' works in their teens including those of Pablo Picasso, Lautrec, Paul Klee, Taro Okamoto, Ikuo Hirayama, Masuo Ikeda, Sotaro Yasui, Seiji Togo; traditional toys and folk handicrafts. (back to top)

Do - there are four workshops to choose from - drawing, clay modeling, handcrafting and acrylic (known as "EB").

How to get there:
By car or bicycle, follow Route 1 to Gamagori / Toyohashi almost to the Fujikawa train station. Turn left, after 2km turn right, up the hill. It's indicated. (back to top)