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Okazaki City Guide

For most foreign residents of Okazaki, bicycles are the easiest and most common form of transport. Cheap, reliable, healthy etc, for journeys of 15 minutes or less they are usually also faster than the alternatives.

Bicycle registration

A bicycle should be registered in your name. Ask the shop to do this for you. If you are buying a second hand bicycle from another foreigner, ask for the registration papers and then visit a shop and have it re-registered. The Information gallery at Yamasa now offers a good bicycle rental service for short stay students who don't want the hassle of selling or disposing of their bike when leaving the country.

Road rules

Road rules are the same as for cars, though wherever a sidewalk does exist you should use it. There are some bicycle lanes beside major thoroughfares such as Route 248, please use them and be aware of pedestrians.

Bike lights/profiling by police

When riding a bicycle at night you are required to have a light (at front). Please be aware that the chances of local police stopping you (and asking for proof of registration, identification etc) are much higher if you don't have a light affixed - a nuisance if you are running late. Even if you have a bicycle light, random checks are not unusual, so make sure the bike is registered in your name and that you have identification (or your alien registration card if you are a resident) on your person whenever riding.

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