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Okazaki City Guide


Bus Network In Okazaki
The two major bus services are operated by Meitetsu and JR (using the respective stations as hubs). When you get on a bus use the rear door to enter, and take a ticket (which will have a 1 or 2 digit number written on it) from the machine next to the steps. The only time you don't take a ticket is when you are boarding a bus at the beginning of the route. Above the driver you will see an electronic panel. Look at the number on your ticket, and then at the panel. As the bus proceeds along its route, the fares will be updated after each stop (at the same time that an announcement in Japanese will be made of the name of the next stop, and what shops, businesses etc the next stop is convenient for).

When you hear the name of your stop announced, press the "stop" button. If you Japanese language skills are limited, the best bet is to sit at the front of the bus (on the left) and tell the driver your destination - they are a friendly bunch and will let you know when you have arrived.

To pay for your fare, place the ticket and exact change into the machine to the driver's left. If you do not have exact change, please note that there will be a machine providing change (up to 1000 yen notes). It's best to change your money before you reach your destination, so as to not inconvenience other passengers. If you are using a route on a regular basis, it is possible to buy discount tickets and pre-paid cards at the major stations.

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