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Okazaki City Guide

Libra center

Much more than a Library, the newly opened Okazaki City Library and community Plaza is located directly opposite Okazaki Park about ten minutes walk from the Meitetsu Okazaki Park Railway Station. Designed to be the cultural centre of the City, the Plaza incorporates citizens’ activities, cultural and creative interaction. One of the main attractions of the Plaza is the extensive Jazz department incorporating the Uchida Collection ("Dr Jazz" - Okazaki is famous amongst Japanese jazz musicians and holds a large jazz festival each November). At the heart of the collection is a faithful reconstruction of Uchida’s music studio as well as a display of instruments collected and used throughout his career.

The Libra Center
Tiger cafe
Situated on the ground floor in the center of the Plaza is the ‘Hall of History’ - an excellent place to learn about the history of the area as well as the day to day life of Okazaki. The main library itself contains close to a million books and other materials. There is also an ‘Audio Corner’ where you may listen or watch d.v.ds or c.ds at your leisure.

To borrow books a Library card is required. To acquire the card you will need to submit identification proving name and address at the main desk on the first floor. From then you may borrow up to ten books per visit for a maximum of two weeks. The loan period of the book can be extended via the internet if the item is not overdue or reserved. Note: if you lose the card or leave Okazaki, please inform the loans desk as soon as possible. The Library is easily accessible by bike from the Yamasa Campus (the journey should take about 15 minutes). However, if you have a car you may use the Library car park for up to three hours for no charge. After three hours, every thirty minutes will be one hundred yen.

Unlike the Old Okazaki Library, the new Community Plaza is open for twelve hours a day from 9am to 9pm making it far more convenient to use. Like most shops and services in Japan it is closed on Wednesdays, unless Wednesday happens to be a public holiday. It is also closed on the third Friday of the month and the period between December 29th and January 3rd.

Universities and Institutes in Okazaki

  • Okazaki National Research Institutes
  • Aichi Gakusen Daigaku (Okazaki Campus)
    Telephone Number: 0564-35-7098
  • Aichi Sangyou Daigaku
    Telephone Number: 0564-48-4511
  • Okazaki Joushi Tanki Daigaku
    Telephone Number: 0564-22-1295
  • Aichi Sangyou Tanki Daigaku
    Telephone Number: 0564-48-7811
  • Ningen Kankyou Daigaku
    Telephone Number: 0564-48-7811
  • The Yamasa Institute
    Hanehigashi-machi 1-2-1 (Map C, B3)
    Tel: 55-8111 Fax: 55-8113
    Yamasa 2

    Cultural Centers, Community Centers and Halls

    Apart from the Okazaki Conference Center at the National Research Institutes, there are a number of facilities for meetings, community groups etc. The volunteer Japanese classes, and many of the cultural activities advertized from time to time (in the bilingual newsletter "Okazaki News" for example) are held in one of these locations. The major ones are:
  • Sekirei Hall
    Tel: 25-0511
  • Tatsumigaoka Kaikan
    Tel: 24-3951
  • Fukushi Kaikan
    Tel: 53-1151
  • Shimin Kaikan
    Tel: 21-6973

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