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Okazaki City Guide

Getting a license

If you want to get a Japanese driving license you have to go to your local Driving Test Centre and take the following items with you:
1. Alien registration card.
2. Passport.
3. Existing drivers license.
4. One passport photograph.
5. A translation of your license (This can be obtained by contacting the JAF - Japan Automobile Federation or your local Consulate in your home country). JAF homepage: http://www.jaf.or.jp/

JAF in Okazaki, location
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You will have to take an eye sight and eye blindness test at the centre and this costs from 3,900 yen for a regular license. You also need to make sure that you have 3 months driving experience in the country the license was issued and the license must have been issued at least 3 months before your entry into Japan, to be able to obtain a Japanese license.If you come from a country that does not drive on the left-hand side of the road then you will have to take a full driving test in Japan in order to obtain the license. The test itself is fairly strict and it is recommended that you take at least one or two lessons from an instructor in Japan before you take the test. An hour long lesson will cost around 5,000 yen. If you can't drive at all then a full course from beginner level will cost from 200,000 yen! Best to learn before you arrive.
If you hold an International Driving License then this should enable you to ride a scooter (up to 50cc) without having to take a test in Japan. If you do not have an International Driving License then you would have to take a short written test and a brief test on a scooter to decide whether you are worthy to grace Japan's roads. This costs 7,450 yen and can be taken at your nearby Driving Test Center (untenmenkyoshikenjou) at three different times 9.30am, 10.30am and 1.30pm from Monday to Friday (Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays, the center is closed). The test can be taken in English and a number of other languages as well as Japanese. The nearest test center to Okazaki is Nagoya. Contact details below. Be aware though that you will need to use a least a little bit of Japanese as the staff speak very little English.
Nagoya Driving Test Center
Nagoya Shi
Tenpaku Ku
Tenpaku Chou
Ooaza Hirabari
Tel: 052-801-3211

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