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Okazaki City Guide

Rules of the road

You are unlikely to exceed 40kmh on a regular basis but for the rare times that this occurs a knowledge of the speed limits can be useful. The speed limit in residential areas is 40kmh (though this can vary depending on the place) and on the expressways is 80kmh. Whilst many drivers do exceed these limits there are police patrols and hidden cameras (especially on the expressways) that keep a check on speeding vehicles. A speeding ticket in Japan will normally result in a large fine (10-20,000 yen) or in some cases a temporary loss of your license.

Drinking and driving in Japan is not tolerated and the drink-drive level is zero percent. Even a glass of wine or a beer can result in heavy fines or the loss of your license if you are stopped and checked. If you cause an accident you may lose your license permanently.

To drive a car in Japan you must be 18 years or over and for a moped/scooter or motorcycle it is 16 and above.

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