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Okazaki City Guide

Three train lines service Okazaki. These are the JR Tokaido line, the Meitetsu Honsen, and the Aichi Kanjo Line. The trains are clean, frequent and easy to use for inter-city travel. They are not quite as useful for intra-city though, for this you need to use the bus system. The two major stations are the JR Okazaki station (which is also the terminus of the Aichi Kanjo Line) and the Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station. Another station that you may use is Naka Okazaki, a small station near Okazaki Castle and the Haccho Miso factory that is useful as a place for changing between the Meitetsu and Aichi Kanjo lines.

JR Lines

The main Tokaido line traverses Okazaki. For those living in the south of the city, it is the most useful line for travelling to Nagoya or Toyohashi or connecting with the Shinkansen lines. The area around JR Okazaki is a little run down due to reconstruction, but has excellent bus links. A ticket to JR Nagoya from JR Okazaki costs 600 yen.

Meitetsu lines

The Meitetsu Honsen passes through the middle of Okazaki and is the most useful line for those living in the center or north of the city. The Meitetsu bus center at Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station is the main hub for the bus network, and the area around the station has many shops and bars. A ticket to Shin-Nagoya from Higashi Okazaki costs 650 yen.

Aichi Kanjo line

Aichi Kanjo - This smaller line opened in 1988 and connects Okazaki with Toyota and Seto in the north. Trains are less frequent (about once per half hour), but it is the best way to get to locations such as the Toyota Production Plants in and around Toyota.


Although the shinkansen line traverses Okazaki, there is no station. If you live in the south of Okazaki you can easily connect to the shinkansen at Toyohashi, Mikawa Anjo or Nagoya using JR Okazaki station. If Meitetsu Higashi Okazaki station is more convenient to you than JR, connect to the shinkansen at Toyohashi or Nagoya. For domestic travel, using the shinkansen is more convenient than flying for most destinations.

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