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Okazaki City Guide

One of the most interesting museums in Okazaki (whether you have kids or not)is the World Children's Art Museum.

Opened in 1985, it is not only the only place you can see a Picasso in town, but a full museum specializing in children's art. Apart from the collection and regular exhibitions, the museum is designed to offer children opportunities to create.

The museum has three major zones:


At the entrance of the zone, two photo panels are displayed contrasting the ancient and the modern civilizations: one is the world's oldest paintings of the Altamira caves in Spain, and the other, NASA's spacecrafts, the Voyager and the Pioneer. They are followed by the sequential exhibition of artworks (photos and real objects) introducing the changes in artistic activities through the long period from the ancient times to the modern ages, thus representing the great footpaths and infinite creativity of mankind.


Displayed in this zone are children's paintings collected from the world and famous artists' works in their teens including those of Pablo Picasso, Lautrec, Paul Klee, Taro Okamoto, Ikuo Hirayama, Masuo Ikeda, Sotaro Yasui, Seiji Togo; ethnic handicrafts (festive decorations, masks, earthenware, body ornaments and the like) of the Southern Pacific islands (Papua New Guinea and other islands) and other items; traditional toys and folk handicrafts.


This is parent/child oriented. The zone lets kids create their own works, just after leaving the "See zone". There are four workshops to choose from - drawing, clay modeling, handcrafting and acrylic (known as "EB"). All of the materials are on hand and can also be purchased to take home.
  • Drawing Shop
    Choose from Laminating, Dye transfer, Stained glass or Art Glass.

  • Clay-modeling Shop
    Uses simple to mould clay that can be painted almost immediately

  • Handcrafting Shop
    Use urethane foam with glue. Templates are provided.

  • EB Art
    Make coasters, broaches, tiepins etc with your original designs. Only takes a few minutes to harden.

  • Permanent Collection

    Includes Children's Pictures from 110 countries in gallery No.4

  • Library

    5,000 books including textbooks and picture books from 37 countries, pop-up books etc. All are free to browse - 2nd floor.

  • Annual Exhibition of young artists in Okazaki

    Since 1964, this exhibition has showcased young local artists from kindergarten kids to middle school students. It includes nearly 40,000 items.

    There are a number of outdoor facilities:

  • "Hananoki plaza"

  • Forest of Art

  • Pond
    Child Art Museum Pond

  • Children's playground
    Children Playground

  • Installations
  • Scenic Lookout

    How to get there:
    By car or bicycle, follow Route 1 to Gamagori / Toyohashi almost to the Fujikawa train station. Turn left, after 2km turn right, up the hill. It's indicated.

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