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Okazaki City Guide

Ten-Pin Bowling

The sport of champions, or at least the leisure activity of champions, bowling is a popular past time and, for the price (around 500 yen per game), not a bad way to spend an evening with some friends. Food and drinks can be purchased and various video games are on hand for those who get tired of sending their ball into the gutter.
In Okazaki you can bowl at Okazaki Grand Bowl in Hinakita-machi (tel: 22-5522), Sun Bowl on Kosei-dori Nishi on the 3rd floor of Melsa (tel: 23-1131), Kota Central Bowl in Kota-cho (tel: 62-1711), or Yell Bowl in Fukuoka-cho (tel: 51-2151). Shoes can be rented and bowling balls of various weights are available.

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