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Okazaki City Guide

Okazaki Dai-ichi Hotel

Kosei-dori Minami 2-58, Tel: 26-3111 Fax: 26-3112
Comfortable hotel next to the Sugo river about a five minute stroll from Higashi Okazaki station. Quite good for tourists and business people with several good restaurants and bars nearby.

Okazaki Central Hotel

Myodaiji-cho Mimitori 34, Tel: 51-2830 Fax: 51-2969
The closet hotel to Higashi Okazaki station. Perhaps more suitable for business people than tourists, with good facilities (photo copiers etc) and easy access.
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Okazaki Single Hotel

Kosei-cho 515, Tel: 21-1088 Fax: 21-1014
The rooms are small and a little cramped, but functional. Located in Koseicho (old part of the city) about 8 minute walk from Higashi Okazaki station.

Green Hotel Rich Tokugawa-en

Myodaiji-cho Kitsunezuka 26, Tel: 53-3151 Fax: 53-7944
Comfortable hotel in quiet area close to the National Research Institutes. It's a bit of a walk from the Higashi Okazaki station (around 10 minutes) but convenient to the Institute and in a quiet residential area.

Business Hotel Itoya

Myodaiji-cho Hon-machi 4-68, Tel: 21-1515 Fax: 25-2800
One of the cheapest hotels in the city, this is a no-frills hotel with both western style and Japanese style rooms, located about 3-4 minutes walk from Higashi Okazaki station.
LocationSouthern Okazaki: There are three "no frills" hotels located in the south of the city in Ueji, about 7 minutes by taxi from JR Okazaki station. These are convenient for those visiting the southern area or who have a car.

Hotel Heisei
Ueji 3-52-2, Tel: 54-0081 Fax: 54-0766

Hotel Okazaki
Ueji 2-18-4, Tel: 53-6511 Fax: 54-3412

Hotel 77 Ueji 3-51-9, Tel: 54-6677 Fax: 54-9430

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