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Okazaki City Guide

Daimon Section

The Daimon Koen ("Big Gate Park") is situated in the Northwest of the city. The neighbourhood feels more relaxed than in the center and in the south already.
Daimon Park Entrance

It's the ideal place to relax from everyday life and to have a picnic with friends and family. The park offers many fireplaces but you'll have to bring the charcoals yourself (and the beer). The children will love this park: there is much greenery and plenty of space to frolic. Fishes and Turtles in the pond add to the fairy tale-like atmosphere.
Daimon Park Overview

Finding a parking space around the park should not be a problem. Although the official parking lot offers only space for a dozen of cars, it is possible to leave the car all around the park. Bicycles are fine everywhere anyway. In addition to the fireplaces, there is a public toilet and a public cell.
Daimon Park Pond
Whoever feels too restrained by the park itself: right next to the park lies the river Yahagi flowing towards the south where after ca. 35km it will join the sea. The riversides offer even more space for all sorts of activities: soccer, baseball, cycling etc.
The local model aircraft club often gathers here for a club meeting and some test flights.
Daimon Park Gliding
How to get there:
Along the Route 248 from Higashi Okazaki Station towards the North, look for the house on the right with a 5m gorilla statue on the roof, turn left there, straight ahead until the end of the road, turn right and look for the park on the left side.

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