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Okazaki City Guide

Prefectural Multi-purpose Athletic Ground

Embedded in the surrounding hills, the Athletic Ground offers a wide range of sports places, from tennis to swimming and more. There are parking spaces nearby - for people living south of Higashi Okazaki station it might be too far to go there regularly by bicycle.
The facilities include dressing rooms, showers, toilets, a small restaurant - basically everything needed to indulge in sports. Everything is well looked after and clean.
Occasionally, sporting events take place on the Athletic Ground - on the weekend, it's better to call ahead to make a reservation.
How to get there:
From Higashi Okazaki station, north along Route 248, turn right at the crossroads with the building with the 5m gorilla on the rooftop (same crossroads as for going to Daijuji and Takisanji) and stay on that road, past the Tomei Expressway, until you see the Athletic Grounds on the right side. By bicycle it's around 35 to 40min from Higashi Okazaki.

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