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Okazaki City Guide

Fitness Clubs, Gymnasiums/Weights

  • Sun Sports Club
    Hane-cho Ooike 91-3
    Map C, D3
    Tel: 53-2105

  • The Space
    Inside AEON
    Map B, B3
    Tel: 0120-81-6681

    Central Fitness Club
    Higashi Okazaki Station
    Map A, C3
    Average cost in 2008, about 8,000 Yen per month.Okazaki City Gym Budojo

    The Okazaki City Gym Budojo is located in the Sports complex in Chuo Sogo Koen.
    The three sports clubs listed above also have weight rooms, staff to assist with training, aerobics classes etc. If cost is a problem and you already know what your training requirements are, please note that there is also some weight equipment inside the Okazaki Public Sports Center (see below).Okazaki Public Sports Center This sports center is only a few minutes bicycle ride north along route 248 from the AEON Shopping Mall. Turn at the intersection called Mutsuna Koen Kita (it is written on the traffic signal) and the Center is right in front of you. Map B, A2.It's a public facility, and cheap! For example, in the case of badminton, the cost for each player is 200 yen and the cost for each badminton court is also 200 yen. So, when 4 players share one court, the cost per person is just 250 yen. Of course, players have to bring their own rackets and shuttle cocks. Also, footware must appropriate for wearing inside a sports hall (i.e. clean, non-marking). To get warm water from the showers requires a 100 yen coin to be inserted (or you can go home in your sweaty clothes...)The main sports hall is large with a few hundred seats for spectators at the sides. There are courts marked out for badminton, volleyball, basketball, etc. and there are lots of table-tennis tables. (Again, bring your own bats and balls.) Lots of fitness equipment is available.If you like working out, there is a gym full of equipment (weights, exercise bikes, etc) Sadly, this sports centre does not have a pool. The cost for all sports is similar to that for badminton (see above).Each day is split into 3 periods: Morning (09:00-12:30), Afternoon (13:00-17:00) and Evening (17:30-21:00). A timetable displayed just inside the entrance of the center gives information on the availability of the sports hall. At specified times the hall is available for the sport of your choice and reservations are not necessary. (Just turn up!) The cost is the same however long you play during one of the 3 periods. The sports center is closed on Tuesdays.

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