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Iaido is a sword art almost exclusively practiced in conjunction with Aikido, and focuses on drawing and striking with a katana in one motion. The fundamental idea behind Iaido is that one should never be unprepared. Samurai trained in the art to learn how to defend themselves from seemingly undefendable positions; sitting in seiza, or worse, cross-legged. As samurai were often in these seated positions, Iaido was developed to discern how one might defend from the seated position, as well as draw and strike in a single motion during a duel.

How can I study Iaido in Okazaki? Iaido is taught every tuesday at the Kodokan Aikido Dojo in North Okazaki. Directions to it are located on the Kodokan Aikido page. My experience has been that there is no charge associated with training there for short periods of time, but long term students may expect to pay some fee after training for extended periods. The instruction is usually done by Tadamitsu Tanaka-shihan 8th dan Aikido-shihan.
Class times are the following:

Tuesday 7:00pm - 9:00pm Train By Yourself On Thursdays and Fridays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
the Okazaki City Gym Budojo is open to any one who wishes to train by themselves. Both a hard wood floor, suitable for Karate/Kendo and a padded floor for Judo/Aikido are available. The price is a mere 200 yen for the four hours. Heat is available for 100 yen per half hour and hot showers are available for 100 yen.

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