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Okazaki City Guide

As part of exchange activities between the Okazaki South Rotary Club (Minami Rotary) and the National Institutes of Natural Sciences, our club published an English language guidebook named KEY for the researchers and students. In this guidebook we included information regarding medical facilities, restaurants and information about daily life. Since the 3rd edition, there have been enormous changes to the city, which are reflected in the updated 4th edition. We hope that the foreign researchers, students, and their families will find the guidebook useful, and that it will further deepen our relationship.

Nakane Katsuhiro
Chairman of the Committee for Goodwill Exchange
with the National Institutes of Natural Sciences
Okazaki Minami Rotary Club
April 2004

I'm delighted that we now finally have a 4th edition of KEY. The guidebook was first published in 1984 and revised in 1989 & 1996. There have been significant revisions in this edition because Okazaki City continues to grow and change rapidly, and just as Okazaki has changed a fair bit, so has the nature of guidebooks. To supplement the deadtree version of KEY and keep things up-to-date during the next few years, as well as to provide more detailed information than would be possible in a book format, the new edition includes this online version. The information contained on this web site is also navigable by imode, and this site includes an extensive gallery of photographs that could not be included in the print version, plus video files, digital maps that cover the entire city area, and a number of other online features.

I would like to thank the members of the Okazaki Minami Rotary Club for their on-going support for this project. Special thanks also to Ikuta Kaoru of KID Design and Sugiura Tatsuo of the Yamasa Institute Multimedia Studio, and the many others who have also provided invaluable and much appreciated assistance.

For the 4th edition, some 5,000 copies of KEY have been printed. I'm not sure how long they will remain in circulation, so if you are unable to obtain a printed copy of the guidebook, please download the PDF version (3.85MB). Also, if you find any errors, or have information that you think should be included in future editions, please let me know.
I hope you enjoy your visit to or your stay in Okazaki. Cheers.

Declan Murphy,
April 2004

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