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Japanese Archery is a popular sport in Okazaki, particularly amonst women. If you have a background in western style archery you should find it pretty easy to adjust. The main difference is that with Kyuudo there isn't as much emphasis on accuracy in aim (as in your arrow hitting the target) as much as accuracy in form (as in your technique being consistent with what is considered correct). As far as exercise is concerned, it is good for your posture, and for your concentration.As with other martial arts in Japan, most Japanese first encounter Kyuudo at school. The clubs are usually quite receptive to foreigners who wish to join, the only barrier being the usual one of language. For equipment, try the Hayashi Kyuugu-ten, which is also an excellent source of information regarding clubs, classes, competitions etcIn Okazaki it is possible to learn Kyuudo at Chuo Sogo Koen where there is a state of the art archery range built by the city. You need to join a club to use the facility

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