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Okazaki City Guide

The easiest public swimming pool to use is in Minami Koen. Easy to get to by bus or bicycle, with plenty parking for the drivers.
It is unbelievably cheap (admission in 2004 was 60 yen, plus 20 yen for lockers), but there are a few drawbacks. Unfortunately, the opening hours are very limited. 9.00 am until 5.15 pm. A bit of a problem if you have to work. Another problem is that there are no lanes for lap swimming, so if you want to do some serious swimming go at opening time on a weekday (even then you might find yourself swimming an obstacle course with complete plastic sharks). The main problem is that its only open for about 2 months a year.For serious swimming, you need to join a club. The membership of these clubs gives you access to the pool of course, but also to the rest of the facilities. One thing to note is that the clubs love rules, have shallow pools (no diving, sometimes no somersault turns at the end of a lap). Best to have a look at the setup before you join.

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