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Okazaki City Guide

Ryokan/Minshuku are traditional style accommodation with communal baths and toilets, curfews.

Business Ryokan Futaba

Haccho-kita machi 10-6, Tel: 21-0780 Fax: 21-0705
Simple accommodation northeast of the castle.

Business Ryokan Tomoei

Itaya-cho 136, Tel: 21-0656 Fax: 21-0655
Excellent location very close to the castle and train stations.

Business Ryokan Wakaba

Itaya-cho 150-1, Tel: 21-4055 Fax: 21-4026
Located very conveniently to train stations.

Takesu Ryokan

Matsumoto-cho 43, Tel: 21-1084
Traditional small Japanese inn close to Kosei-cho area. Reasonable prices and good hospitality.

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