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Okazaki City Guide

AEON shopping center

The massive AEON shopping Mall has just completed another major refurbishment and now boasts almost double the floor space from its previous incarnation. The ongoing development of the Mall continues to have a massive impact on the City. Increasingly, people from outside the City are coming to Okazaki to do their shopping. This in turn has had the knock-on effect of altering where many of Okazaki’s residents eat, drink and shop.

Aeon shopping center
Aeon shops
Cafes and restaurants
As well as expanding on the number and range of cafes and restaurants available, the new extension has provided many more specialty shops, such as The Disney store on the second floor and an International food shop (Kaldi Coffee Farm) just to the right of the main entrance. Together with the barrow vendors spotted around the Mall, the new outlets add variety alongside the usual multinationals and megastores. Tower Records located in the ‘old’ wing of the store has (along with the usual mix of foreign and Japanese music), somewhat surprisingly, a decent range of foreign music magazines.

foreign food shop
Tower records
The new Cinema and arcade is located towards the back of the ‘old’ Jusco Supermarket. Foreign films will be shown in both English (with Japanese subtitles) and Japanese. Compared to some western cinemas, it is not open quite as late, with the last showing typically starting around 9pm. Discounted tickets are available throughout the week such as Ladies' day (Wednesday) and Men's day (Thursday). The late show is also discounted to 1,000 yen. The Jusco food Supermarket is open until 11pm with most of the Mall open to at least 10pm. Although the first time visitor may feel a little overawed due to its size, the new AEON is well signposted and is generally visitor friendly.

Aeon Okazaki SC 1F 101, 38-5 Azasotoyama, Tosakicyo, Okazaki-shi, Aichi

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