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Okazaki City Guide

Domy Supermarket

The new Domy Supermarket located between Yamasa II Building and the JR Okazaki train station is yet more evidence of the rapid growth of the city. At the smaller end of the scale for Supermarkets, it nonetheless has a good range of fresh foods and an excellent bakery located directly opposite the Main entrance. Unusually, there is a small open plan seating area with drink vending machines, microwaves and water dispensers for customers to eat lunch or just relax. This has become a popular spot for Yamasa students during lunch break.

Domy shopping center
Domy bakery
Like other Major supermarkets in the area, Domy now charges 5 yen for every shopping bag in an effort to protect the environment. The opening hours are from 10am to 9:45pm. Although open throughout the year, DOMY will occasionally close for the day (with little notice) for restocking.

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