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Okazaki City Guide

Wing Town shopping center

The recently opened Wing Town located close to the Student village provides a mix of high street fashion outlets, restaurants, services and entertainment facilities. The Large Valor Supermarket on the first floor to the west of the Store has everything you would expect from a major Supermarket. Recently for ease of use ‘do it yourself’ cash registers have been installed in an effort to speed up the checkout process. As part of an environmental drive Valor like other Major Supermarkets in the area no longer automatically distributes shopping bags, but instead allows you to buy them if necessary for 5 yen at the checkout. The store is open throughout the year from 10am to 9pm.

Wingtown cinema
Imagine staioners
At the opposite end of the store there is a large ‘Imagine’ outlet, which is essentially a stationers with a wide range of d.v.ds c.ds and computer games. Unlike more dedicated book shops in Nagoya, Imagine has a modest English language section as well as study books for students of Japanese. On the second floor directly opposite the main entrance is the Kadokawa Cineplex. A spacious modern cinema, it shows films in both Japanese and English (with Japanese subtitles). The standard admittance fee is 1,800 yen. Discounted tickets are available throughout the week such as Ladies' day (Wednesday) and Men's day (Thursday). The late show is also discounted to 1,000 yen. Both ‘Imagine’ and the Cinema are open from 9am until 12pm.

Wingtown supermarket
Main isle
Wingtown model
Okazaki shi, Hanecho Asukisaka 3.

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